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2nd Loop combines the power of digital storytelling with online creators selected for their unique sense of self-expression and creativity
By amplifying young and ambitious creators who refuse the status-quo, 2nd Loop showcases the rapid diversification of contemporary media. 2nd Loop prioritises diversity and inclusivity, thereby reaching audiences with an ever-increasing sense of individualism and urge for representation. 

In collaboration with market partners, brands agencies, producers and broadcasters,
2nd Loop offers the digital branding environment maximum impact through the agency’s portfolio of outspoken creators with professional backgrounds in marketing, film, visual arts, theatre, dance, fashion, and media entertainment. By being unapologetically themselves and delivering no-shy cutting-edge content, 2nd Loop creators succeed in engaging growing, international audiences whose attention is drawn to what is new, relevant, and authentic.

Emma Hijnekamp

Emma Hijnekamp

Talent Manager
Head of Business Development

Emma studied Business Innovation at Avans Hogeschool after which she moved to Berlin and advanced her career in Advertising Technologie. Emma has experience in the formation of business development teams and has built up an international network comprising of numerous well-known brands and agencies. 
In addition to the AdTech industry, Emma developed a strong understanding of strategic marketing and visual identity building through her work at EyeEm, matching photographers and their portfolios to clients with diverse, significantly-sized audiences.


Graphic & Motion design - Sam J Studios

Website - Akker

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